The Office of Attorney General charged five Chinese nationals with Violation of Marine Protection Act, specifically for using scuba tank while spear fishing in Palau waters this March.

The five individuals charged are Baoxin Xu, Peng Li, Lu Lin, Hen Lee and Min Quan.

According to police report, a call was sent to Fish & Wildlife Protection Office on February 25th reporting that people were fishing near Ulechong reef in Airai waters using scuba tanks.

Officers boarded the vessel in question after receiving the call and with boat operator’s consent, searched the boat and found scuba tanks, spear guns and fish recently caught.

The suspects were cited for the violation, had their rights read, which according to the police report, they acknowledged.

If convicted, the violation carries a penalty of up to (1) year in prison and not less than $500 in fines.

Individuals charged are deemed innocent until proven guilty. (L.N. Reklai)