Istanbul (AFP) – Foreigners including many nationals of Arab countries were among the dead in the New Year shooting rampage at an Istanbul nightclub, officials said on Sunday.

A total of 39 people were killed in the assault at the exclusive Reina club on the shores of the Bosphorus and 65 injured, officials said.


Here is a breakdown of the nationalities of the dead and wounded known so far given by their respective countries:

– Saudi Arabia –

Riyadh’s consulate in Istanbul said that Saudis were among the victims, but gave no figures. The Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper however quoted a consulate source as saying that five Saudis including two women had died and 11 other people were injured. Al-Arabiya television also spoke of five dead and nine wounded.

– Jordan –

The foreign ministry in Amman said three Jordanians were killed and four injured, the official Petra news agency reported.

– Iraq –

A spokeman for Iraq’s foreign ministry said that three Iraqis died in the attack.

– Lebanon –

The Lebanese foreign ministry announced the death of three Lebanese and said another four were wounded.

“I was saved by my passport which I was carrying right near my heart,” one of the injured, Francois al-Asmar, told Lebanese television from his hospital bed.

– Tunisia –

The Tunisian foreign ministry said on its Facebook page that one Tunisian and one Franco-Tunisian had died. Tunisia’s ambassador to France named the victims as husband and wife Mohamed Azzabi and Senda Nakaa who leave behind a five-month-old daughter.

– India –

India’s external affairs minister said two nationals were among the dead, naming them as Abis Rizvi, the son of a former MP, and a woman, Khushi Shah.

– Morocco –

Foreign ministry confirmed that two Moroccans were killed and four hospitalised.

– Israel –

The Israeli foreign ministry said a young Arab Israeli woman, 18-year-old Lian Nasser, had died.

– Belgium –

Belgium’s foreign ministry confirmed that a man in his 20s, a Belgian-Turkish dual national, was killed.

– Libya –

One Libyan was killed and three others hurt in the attack, according to the north African country’s foreign ministry. [/restrict]