Attorney General Ernestine Rengiil

Former assistant attorney general Christa Nasftad was arrested and jailed last night for an incident involving Attorney General Ernestine Rengiil at the Palau Pacific Resort.
According to a reliable source, AG Rengiil was standing at the parking lot talking to a lady in her car when Ms. Nasftad drove her car passed many open parking spaces to where AG Rengiil was standing, pulling into the space bumping AG on the back of her legs with her vehicle.
Rengiil called the police and reported the incident resulting in the arrest of former attorney general Christa Nasftad.
Ms. Nasftad worked as Assistant Attorney General under Attorney General Rengiil until last month when her contract expired.
Reports of friction between the two lawyers have been going around, some alleging that the AG’s refusal to renew Ms. Nasftad’s contract is the result of the friction.

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