Former Peleliu Governor Kangichi Uchau was found guilty of two counts of violation of the code of ethics.

Associate Justic Kathleen Salii in a February 24 verdict also scheduled the sentencing of Uchau on March 6 at 1:30 p.m.


“After considering the trial testimony and evidence at trial,  the court finds Kangichi Uchau guilty of two counts of violation of code of ethics….” the verdict stated.

The charges against Uchau was eafrlier filed by the Office of the Special Prosecutor.

Court documents showed that while Uchau was Peleliu Governor from the period between July and December 2010, he awarded a contract to a company he personally owned- 6K’s Pool $ Retail Store for catering of food for a summer camp program.

As a governor he approved a check in the amount of $9,600 to be issued from the State General Account payable to his name.

He again approved a catering contract under his name in November 2010 in the amount of  $1,196.75.

The crime is classified as misdemeanor and Uchau faces a maximum penalty of one year imprisonment or a fine of $!0,000 or both. [/restrict]