On 5/10/17 four newly hired police officers were sworn-in at the office of the Vice-President and Minister of Justice.


Presented to witness the ceremony were the Vice President and Minister of Justice Raynold B. Oilouch, Acting Director of the Bureau of Public Safety (BPS) Aloysius Alonz, Chief of Patrol Cleory Cleofas, Chief of Fire and Rescue Godwin Philip, Chief of Correction Ricky Ngiraked, Lieutenant Jefferson Eriich, and family members of the officers.


The Vice-President and Minister Oilouch reminded them the difficult tasks ahead of them and the challenges that may be faced as a Police Officer. He further stated his appreciation of the choices and decisions that they made to be a part of Palau Law Enforcement Team.


This was a joyous occasion for the Ministry considering the need for more police officers at the bureau. The new officers were excited and willing to take on the challenge of securing our island nation and its citizens and thanked the Vice-President/Minister along with the bureau the opportunity to be a part of the Police Family.


The Ministry of Justice welcomes you as a part of the bigger family and wish you all the best in your new profession.


The new Police Officers were Ms. Jaylene Banjamin, Mr. Omengkar N. Edwight, Ms. Shannon S. Sakai , and Mr. Malone N. Iyekar. [/restrict]