Four national and state government staff are presently attending JICA Knowlesge Co-Creation Program in Japan.  Ferris Baulechong, Survey Section Supervisor at Koror State Government Solid Waste Management is participating in Enhancement of Solid Waste  

[restrict]Management (Advance, Planning & Policy); Malsol E. Nobuo, Fire Lieutenant at the Division of Fire & Rescue, Ministry of Justice, at the Disaster Prevention of Buildings (against Earthquake, Tsunami, Typhoon, Fire, ect); Bingham Mers Tarkong, Ngatpang State Historical Site Officer, Enhancement of Sustainable Small Island Tourism; and Sano Sakurai, Meter Technician at Palau Public Utilities Corporation, is attending Promotion of Energy Efficiency and Conservation.

JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program (Group & Region Focus) is a part of the Official Development Assistance of the Government of Japan based on bilateral agreement between both Palau and Japan.  Through this program and based on field-oriented approach through dialogue and collaboration, participants of different countries may gain mutual learning process, reciprocating relationships as they learn from each other and grow and develop together.

For more information regarding this and other JICA Programs, you may contact the Ministry of State or call JICA Palau Office. [/restrict]