Neco group fought strong and kept the lead in the first half with score of 46 to 37, but that did not stop FR Spoilers during the GBL finals last February 3.

FR Spoilers took over the second half, winning by 12 points with the final score of 90 to 78. This makes the FR Spoilers this year’s Rudimch Enterprise Government/Business League Champions.


FR Spoilers’ top scorers were Lester Mendoza, 34 points and this year’s Season MVP; Balagat Jason, 21 points, and Leo Sebastian, 16 points.

Meanwhile, NECO’s top scorers were Nilio Obaredes, 26 points, Nico Hinosa, 20 points, and Bon Pramo, 14 points. M. Olkeriil. [/restrict]