Free health screenings to check an individual’s blood sugar, blood pressure, and body mass index were provided at the Top Side Health Resource Center on Friday January 24th in commemoration of cervical cancer awareness month. Information was made available at the Health Resource Center for any individual that wishes to educate him or herself on the disease.

Cervical cancer is a disease in which cells in the body grow out of control, according to a pamphlet by the Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program that was available at the Health Resource Center.When these abnormal cells grow in the cervix and not detected early, it becomes cancer.

Additionally, cervical cancer is the most common cancer among Palauan women. The risk factors that are associated with this disease include multiple sexual partners, tobacco use, using birth control for 5 or more years, giving birth to 3 or more children and a family history of cancer.

It is recommended that women ages 21 to 64 be screened for Cervical Cancer every 3 years. Women that attended the free screening event at the Health Resource Center had the chance to schedule an appointment for themselves.

In addition to scheduling appointments for pap smear, Verna Kyota who works with the Non-Communicable Disease Unit promoted a program that deals with early diabetes detection. To find out more information call 488-2212 or 488-1360 or 488-4612. To schedule an appointment to get screened for cervical cancer call Ministry of Health at 488-6445 or 488-4612 or call Belau Medical Clinic at 488-2687 or 488-2688. (Telbakes Yano)