By: L.N. Reklai

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Federated States of Micronesia Dennis K. Yamase accepted President Remengesau Jr.’s appointment as Part-Time Appellate Justice of the Appellate Division of Palau Supreme Court.


“It has always been a personal desire of mine to return to Palau and further my work in your great nation.  There is no better way of doing this than to serve as Part-Time Associate Justice of the Palau Supreme Court,” stated Chief Justice Dennis Yamase.

As a Part-Time Associate Justice of the Appellate Division, Chief Justice Yamase will only be called in to sit on case when a resident justice of the Appellate Division is disqualified to sit on an appeal because of a conflict of interest.

Chief Justice Yamase had an extensive experience in legal service in Palau including having served as Senior Senate Legislative Counsel for the First and Second Olbiil Era Kelulau, Legal Counsel to then Vice President Tommy Remengesau Jr., Executive Secretary for the National Code Commission, Law Clerk for the Supreme Court, Legal Counsel for the National Reapportionment Commission, and as Special Assistant to Chief Justice Mamoru Nakamura. [/restrict]