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The case DHL heir Larry Hillbroom Jr is fighting against two attorneys who allegedly collected excess legal fees from his $90 million fortune took a new turn as one of the attorneys has filed a motion to postpone the hearings as Hillbroom is a fugitive wanted in Palau.

According to the Saipan Tribune, David J. Lujan, who is one of the two attorneys, has filed a motion to disqualify Hillbroom’s lawyers suggesting that they have an ethical duty to disclose whereabouts of Hillbroom is so that he may be detained and remanded to Palau.

Attorney General of Palau Ernestine Rengiil stated her office has information that Hillbroom is in the state of Idaho, United Sates.

Hillbroom is a United States passport holder. Rengiil said that an arrest warrant was issued in January for Hillbroom.

She said, “Hillbroom is a US citizen and it will not be easy to extradite him to Palau. So at this time we are not doing anything to bring him back.”

Hillbroom was arrested in 2016 for attempting to smuggle methamphetamine from Philippines to Palau using two women.

After admitting to drug trafficking in June last year, he was sentenced to 10-year probation but failed a drug test in July hence violated his probation rules.

The Associate Justice Lourdes Materne issued a judgement in September last year allowing Hillbroom to leave Palau for treatment as his wealth gives him access to it and Palau lacks rehab programs. (By Eshan Kalyanikar)