Gitta Umland’s funeral with flowers provided by Palau Visitors Authority. (Photo by Thomas Schubert)

A German lady who had decided to travel the world on a cruise ship with her husband now rests in peace in Palau as part of the vows made with her husband

Thomas Schubert who is an Honorary Consul for Germany said that Gitta Umland, 74, and Peter Umland boarded the ship called M/V Albatros but before starting their journey, a vow was exchanged.

According to Schubert, the vow was that if either one of them passes away during their trip, they would be buried in the country where the ship has stopped or is going to stop.

Gitta Umland passed away at Palau National Hospital on March 4. She was buried in Palau and her funeral happened on March 11.

Schubert said, “Mrs. Umland had been sick in the previous year, she had problems with her heart. In mid-February this year, her health deteriorated rapidly.”

The ship arrived in Palau on the 4th of March but shortly before arriving in Palau Gitta got severely sick. “The ship called in and said that they would evacuate her here. When they arrived here, I was on the ship and the ambulance was waiting to take her to the hospital.” Schubert added.

Schubert also said that Peter has kept the promise and has “continued the voyage to fulfill her wishes with all the memories.” According to Schubert,the husband’s journey will end in May when the ship will be back in Germany.

The daughter of the couple has sent a letter thanking all the people who were involved in the last rites of her mother. Gitta is now buried at Negerchemai, Koror and she is the second German woman to be buried in Palau. Schubert claims that the first one was buried in 1911 at Angaur. (Eshan Kalyanikar)