PPUC building

An information furnished to Island Times revealed the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) position under the Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC) was allegedly offered to an applicant last year but the statement issued by the agency said that the position is still vacant and that the Board of Directors is still in discussion over the position.

A credible source who requested anonymity shared that one of the applicants who applied for the CEO post last year was “chosen” by the PPUC Board of Directors via majority vote after “thorough selection process.”

The source even alleged that a confirmation letter for the job was sent out to one of the applicants but after a few exchanges, PPUC allegedly ceased to communicate with the alleged chosen applicant until now without providing any information if the employment offer had been revoked or cancelled.

The information also revealed that in just over two weeks after the alleged confirmation letter was sent out to the applicant last year, PPUC announced that its Board of Directors elected Greg Decherong as the new PPUC Chairman who is also now serving as the current Acting CEO of the agency.

Island Times asked the PPUC to respond to the allegations which prompted the office to issue a statement via e-mail that neither denies or confirms the veracity of the confidential source’s claim.

In their issued statement, PPUC claimed that the CEO post is still vacant as of the present.

“The Board of Directors is currently still in discussion regarding this position and as a part of the board’s on-going work with the application process, any discussion pertaining to this position is still considered confidential and cannot be divulged to anyone outside of the PPUC Board of Directors and assigned personnel,” the statement reads.

“Although we understand that this position has been announced and posted several times over the last year, it is imperative that the Board of Directors conducts a thorough and stringent process of selecting a qualified and able individual to lead Palau’s only public utilities corporation,” the statement further reads.

An information obtained by Island Times from PPUC’S Human Resource office also revealed that PPUC vacancy announcements for the job were posted on newspapers, PPUC’s Facebook page, and website several times last year.

The latest job vacancy announcement for the position this year was opened starting February 1 and ended March 1, according to the information obtained by Island Times. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)