PPUC providing gift baskets to Koror & Airai Homebound individuals and assisted by MOH Community Health Unit Nurses.

December 13, 2017-  There were 65 gift baskets for all of the listed homebound individuals for Koror and Airai. The Ministry of Health Community Health Unit provided the listing and assisted in delivering the gift baskets.


This is the 3rd year of the Giving Back initiative and PPUC managers and staff had the opportunity to get out of the regular operations and daily work schedules to visit the homebound individuals and gain a personal experience from their interaction with this customer group.

Last year, the Giving Back Program targeted all of the homebound from Babeldaob and Kayangel, Angaur and Peleliu.

PPUC Board Chairman Mr. Sam Masang, PPUC CEO Kione J. Isechal, P.E., and Ministry of Health’s Minister Roberts, Dr. Sylvia Osarch, and Dir. Darnelle Worswick were there to present and receive the gift baskets.  [/restrict]