Athletes for the Micro Games 2018 received encouragements and motivational messages coming from Palau’s national leadership during their first gathering with the leaders yesterday, May 24, at the Palau National Gym.

Palau National Olympic Committee (PNOC) President and Senator Frank Kyota, in an interview with Island Times yesterday, said that over 180 athletes are going to represent Palau in one of the biggest sports events in the region which will be hosted by Yap this year from July 15 to 27.

Around 200 delegations from Palau, including officials who will accompany the athletes, will be sent to Yap for the event.

PNOC President Kyota said that the supplemental budget worth 200 grand had already been approved on May 23 and a big portion of it will go to the charter flight expenses for the athletes.

According to Kyota, based on their performances in the past, Palau had always placed on the top three since 1969 and their goal for this year is the same – to bring more medals.

“And so of course, winning is one thing but the success of the tournament program for each sports discipline is what PNOC and Team Palau look to strengthen and sustain,” Kyota said.

“We’ve been successful because of the support we are getting from the families and sponsors and we can never say enough thanks and appreciation, even gratitude, for what they’ve been doing and giving to us and they have been a major part of our success,” Kyota expressed. (Rhealyn C. Pojas/Reporter)