United States military personnel during a military exercise at Palau International Airport (PIA) in April 2019. File Photo

Angaur state governor Kennosuke Suzuky told the media in an interview that he is looking for possibilities in the future where the United States military can conduct the exercise in the state.

Suzuky said that he was trying to make Angaur an attractive place for the US soldiers to do exercise just like the ones that was just recently concluded in Ngaremlengui state earlier this month.

Suzuky said that having the US soldier’s support will also help the local economy of the state.

The governor said that Angaur used to be a US coastguard base.

Suzuky also revealed that the smaller US radar station had just been put in place at the state’s former coastguard center while the bigger one is still under discussions.  (By Rhealyn C. Pojas)