Koror, Palau – In response to the recent wave of video and picture leaks on social media, Governor Franco Gibbons has assembled a small team of KSG employees to design and carry out a special digital literacy project.

“Our mission is simple, ‘teach people how to be better users of common technology such as Facebook and smartphones,’” said Governor Gibbons’ Chief of Staff, Ms. Joleen Ngoriakl. The team had a week to design the project and prepare for implementation on February 25, 2019.

The special project is co-led by Ms. Ngoriakl and the new Koror State Government IT Officer, Mr. Arvan Subris.

The team is made up of predominantly millennials, consisting of the Coordinator for Youth Affairs, Mr. Ivan Blesam, a youth assistant, a statistics officer, two marketing staff,andanaudiospecialist.

“We’ll be making demo videos and conducting outreach classes and so it’simportanttohaveatechbunch.

In addition, we’re requiring all the team members to undergo online classes and certification on digital  citizenship before we go to the public,” Ms. Ngoriakl added.

Their first event is a scheduled radio talk show with Mr. Diaz on 10am, Tuesday, Feb. 26th, 2019. They’ll be announcing their project, class times, and contact information. “The Governor’s stance on this issue is not to censor the internet but rather, to better equip the people so that they can use it safely and securely. After all, social media and smart devices are great tools that allow families and friends to stay connected,” says Ms. Ngoriakl. (PR)