Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Environment ( MAFE) Steven Victor said that the government is looking into the potential of a milkfish industry in Palau.
 Minister Victor said that milkfish is a species of fish that has been shown to be farmed in Palau. The potential of the industry is to also ensure that it will be affordable to the local population.

He said the government sees the potential of Palau being able to export milkfish fry and also provide fish to the domestic market and small milkfish that can be used as bait by longliners.
“So the approach is developing an aquaculture industry that helps support the long line domestic fishing industry in terms of bait and therefore, they don’t have to export the important expensive bait that will make the cost of the fish expensive and milkfish that can also contribute to Palau’s protein source to contribute to food security and third source of livelihood and economic opportunity for our people,” he said.
In reorganizing MAFE, the ministry also includes a new bureau that is tasked to explore, surveys develop, manage, and conserve all near-shore marine resources of Palau.

The Ministry which is headed by Steven Victor will be supporting the livelihoods of Palauans through the increase of production in fisheries and agriculture in a sustainable manner that also protects the environment. 
The new ministry will also be focusing on the development of aquaculture in the country and enhance aquaculture research and development and provide seedlings and seedlings for partners  and states to promote sustainable  aquaculture  in Palau, 
The Ministry will also include a Division of Livestock, which will be designing sustainable livestock facilities and providing animal feeding, instructions, and veterinary services. 

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