GridMarket Chief Executive Officer Nick Davis said that slow action on the microgrid project deal with the Engie Eps might put the unsubsidized microgrid project in Palau at risk.

“Engie tapped into Philanthropic funding to deliver this groundbreaking initiative, but this funding is competitive and will elapse, which will result in higher cost offers for Palauans, or the alternative of staying on unaffordable and dirty diesel power for the foreseeable future,” Davis told Island Times in an e-mail.

Davis expressed that he is ready to stand by Palau to make sure that the project, which aims to help Palau achieve its nationally determined contribution of generating 45% renewable energy by 2025, will push through.

“As things stand, the PPUC, PEA, President and Cabinet, Governors, Council of Chiefs, and House of Delegates stand in near unanimous support of this project, which will immediately save the citizens of Palau money while strengthening the grid and drastically reducing pollution,” Davis said.

Davis said that he stands ready to help make sure that recent happenings relating to the deal will not lead to Palau paying higher cost offers or get stuck with the alternative of staying on expensive and dirty diesel for its electricity generation.

“I stand ready to help make sure that doesn’t happen, so we can all make good on our promise to deliver clean, affordable, and resilient electricity to Palau,” Davis said. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)