HAGÅTÑA, 15 NOVEMBER 2017 (THE GUAM DAILY POST) — Guam Governor Eddie Calvo remains opposed to the military buildup, and he won’t change his mind until he sees progress from the federal government with regard to providing relief for the island’s shortage of skilled workers.


The governor withdrew his previous endorsement for the buildup earlier this year, following U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’ denial of foreign worker applications under the H-2B visa program.

He said the H-2B denial rate has reached 100 percent and that has caused serious damage to Guam’s economy over the past two years since the crisis began.

Ten days ago in Honolulu, President Donald Trump assured the governor that the problem would be resolved.

Since that meeting, Calvo said “there has been an exchange of emails and correspondence” between the governor’s chief of staff, Mark Calvo, and President Trump’s deputy chief of staff, Kirsten Nielsen.

“We’re filling them in on some of the critical pieces of information,” said the governor, “so they can refute some of the obstinacy that we’re seeing from the bureaucrats at the immigration service and Homeland Security.”

The damage has already been done, according to the governor. “We’re already seeing small and midsized construction companies unable to bid on projects because they don’t have workers,” he said. The governor added there has been a near doubling of the cost of building a new home….. PACNEWS [/restrict]