By: Bernadette Carreon

Guam’s jazz ensemble was featured in Palau Visitor’s Authority (PVA) in the first ever Christmas Festival held at Ernguul Park on Sunday.

The Blue Note 6, composed of Guam’s  musical talents, Patrick Palomo, Trey Cunningham, TJ Hubert, Michael DiAmore, John Glaser and Shannon McManus, were formed by musicians getting together  to perform in Palau.


Kaz Endo, The Blue Note 6 manager said the group’s first performance was here in Palau with most of them having connections here as the common bond shared among the six members.

The members are from different bands playing in Guam, Endo said the opportunity of putting together the band was an idea that came up eight months ago when he was asked by PVA about the possibility of bringing a jazz band to perform in Palau.

“We put this ensemble together for this show, The Blue Note 6 first performance is in Palau and last performance is in Palau, the way it was formatted,” Endo said.

The members are from different bands but when he was asked what he thinks of bringing a  jazz band in Palau , Endo said he knew that he will find the perfect musician for the perfect band.

“The intention of the concert was to show different kind of music appreciation,” Kaz said.

He said PVA wanted to ahowcase a different kind of music in Palau ,  “so that everybody will be introduced to something new.”

Trey said that in preparation for their performance in Palau, the members practiced almost everyday.

Performing in Palau for most of the members was sort of a homecoming.

Shannon and TJ have roots in Palau while Patrick and Michael has traveled and performed in Palau in the past.

Palomo is an accomplished jazz pianist on Guam and has inspired TJ and Shannon to pursue their musical aspirations.

The Blue Note 6 hopes to return to Palau and perform anew. [/restrict]