Two (2) handover ceremonies for the newly renovated Belau National Gymnasium and Olbiil Era Kelulau are set to take place at the end of the month.

Handover of the renovated old Olbiil Era Kelulau building is set for September 28th.  The facility is to be the Pacific Pavilion during Our Oceans 2020 Conference.  The handover of the upgraded  Belau National Gymnasium will follow in the after of the same day and will be hybrid event incorporating virtual and in-person elements.

These renovations to the Belau National Gymnasium and the Olbiil Era Kelulau were made possible through the help of Palau’s country partners and organizations such as Japan, India, New Zealand, Australia, Norway, Taiwan, and the Nippon Foundation and is implemented by the United Nations Office for Product Service (UNOPS).

Ms. Zuleika Tesei from the Our Oceans Secretariat Office said that they want the previous tenants of the building to benefit from these renovations. The newly renovated facilities are to help increase efficiency and productivity for the previous tenants.

Ms. Tesei added that the newly renovated facilities will not only accommodate Our Oceans Conference, but other international forums of similar magnitude boosting its competitiveness in a regional and global level.

“It is a win for Palau and the Northern Pacific region in general.” Said Tesei. Usually conferences, workshops, and events that are in the Pacific region are held at the South Pacific instead of the North.

Finally, with theme being the “Global Village” for Our Ocean’s 2020, a great emphasis is placed on partnership and how everything would not be possible without it.

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