By Francis Talasasa ,Reporter

Fifteen school children of Hatohobei State Elementary School attending grade 1 to 8 were able to resume elementary classes after the school went for a long closure since 2004.

Governor Nestor of Hatohobei State said bringing back the Elementary School is bringing back their key resource for the success of the children and the people of Hatohobei Island.


Education remains a priority of their families, island and the state Government.

The Governor thanked the Office of the President through the Ministry of Education and the Olbiil Era Kelualu (OEK) Legislative for making this possible.

Families have made plans to return to Hatohobei State Island after coming to Koror since the school went to close twelve years ago.

President Remengesau supported the reopening and said he is very pleased. He said, these modern times, our kids should be able to go through many stages of education beginning where they are most comfortable. The inclusion of fiber optic connectivity in 2017 will work toward making most of the internet as the benefit resource to the children’s educational experiences and their priorities, he said.

Migration to Koror has caused a considerable drop on pupil’s attendance to the school causing a drop which did not met school operational requirements.  Today, the number of students interested to take up education has increased. [/restrict]