GENEVA, 29 JANUARY 2018 (FIJI TIMES) — A new programme focused on addressing the health effects of climate change on Small Islands Developing States (SIDS) will be launched soon after an agreement by the executive board of the World Health Organisation (WHO).


The negotiation for the agreement was done during a meeting of the board in Geneva, Switzerland, which Fiji’s permanent secretary for the Ministry of Health and Medical Services was a part of.

The programme seeks to ensure that health systems in SIDS are resilient to extreme weather and climate-sensitive disease by 2030.

It will do so by supporting advocacy, providing evidence to justify investment, facilitating access to climate finance, and helping the entire world’s SIDS to establish climate-resilient health facilities.

Fiji was resolute in advocating that the programme be clearly focused on the unique and pressing set of challenges faced by SIDS, supported in its efforts by several other board members, including the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, New Zealand, Canada, and Iraq. (PACNEWS) [/restrict]