The House of Delegates adopted a resolution to appoint a new legal counsel during its session on March 19.

House Resolution no. 10-15-65, which was introduced by Speaker Sabino Anastacio, was presented to appoint Sarah K. Barr to fill the position, citing that the House is in need of a legal counsel.


Barr, according to the resolution, graduated from the Suffolk University Law School in 2014 and passed the Massachusetts and Rhode Island Bar Examinations, adding that the lawyer is a member in good standing of the State Bars of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, United States.

“The House of Delegates of the Tenth Olbiil Era Kelulau are happy to appoint Ms. Sarah K. Barr as their legal counsel as they firmly believe that she will ably serve the House of Delegates and the Republic of Palau (sic),” the resolution read.

Barr has been sworn in to the Palau Bar Association by Associate Justice Lourdes F. Materne of the Palau Supreme Court on March 9 this year. (Rhealyn C. Pojas/Reporter)[/restrict]