Promise to fund repairs as soon as possible

By: L.N. Reklai

May 11, 2017 (Koror, Palau) A team of delegates led by House Speaker Sabino Anastacio and Vice Chairman of Health Delegate Vicky Kanai, visited Belau National Hospital yesterday , meeting with Minister Emais Roberts and his team, to discuss improvements needed at the Ministry of Health.


“We welcome this meeting, especially this early in the first year of this government so that we can identify priorities that we can work on together to improve our health services,” expressed Minister Roberts welcoming the delegation.

“It is very clear that we at the House of Delegates support you as demonstrated by the first $500K that we appropriated but it is not a one-time support. If we can buy new building in different place and our house is not fixed, it is not good,” stated Speaker Anastacio. “We will continue to support your efforts to improve,” pledged Anastacio.

Speaker Anastacio added that the Ministry should also be willing to receive constructive criticism and open discussions on what need improvement in the Ministry.

“I see willingness on your part to work with us to support our constituents.  Good rapport is very important,” stressed House Speaker.

Some of the concerns raised by Delegates included follow up on the Step-down facility, better utilization of NCD funds to address emergency needs, more improvement on the referral program, improvement of facility to better accommodate patients, addressing lack of medicine and supplies, among others.

Delegates also congratulated Minister Roberts on some of the notable improvements that had been accomplished in the first 100 days including the improved collection.

Minister Roberts expressed his willingness to work with OEK and reported that they are in the process of relocating many of the public health services and personnel to a new facility.

“This will free up space for the Step-down facility, better storage facility as well as other important services,” stated Dr. Emais Roberts.

The issue of lack of supplies and medicines is being resolved according to Minister Roberts.  “There is no excuse for that.  Supplies and medicines can be procured quickly and we are working now to ensure that this is resolved.”

According to Minister Roberts, repairs inside are still on hold until after the roof repairs are completed.  “We intend to address many of the problems you’ve noted within the hospital, once the roofing is complete,” he added.

House of Delegates toured the facility of the Belau Hospital noting needed improvements.  They pledged to appropriate $200,000 as soon as possible to make the required repairs to the Belau National Hospital facility.

HOD team include Speaker Anastacio, Delegate Vicky Kanai, Delegate Isechal, Delegate Ngemaes, Delegate Gibbons Jr., Delegate Gulibert, Delegate Ngiraiwet, Delegate Sebastian and Delegate Recheluul. [/restrict]