Senator Hokkons Baules and House Speaker Sabino Anastacio have been endorsed to lead the next Olbiil Era Kelulau. Both houses organized within a week of the vote certification appointing leadership of each house and their committees.
With leaderships of both houses remaining the same, it is expected that some of the priorities of this outgoing administration will be carried over.
Going into the new government, Senator Hokkons Baules sees the priorities to be economic recovery and health. “Given the pandemic, our priorities going in continue to be health and economic recovery,” stated Hokkons.
“Our focus will be to look for new revenue, explore new ideas like cryptocurrency and online gaming and such. It is our job to bring it up in the conversation and get public’s feedback on it,” stated Speaker Anastacio of the plans going into the next government. Like Senator Baules, Anastacio believes that economic recovery and health will be the main priorities in the next administration.
Senators-elect of the 11th Senate unanimously endorsed Senator Hokkons Baules as the next president of the Senate of the 11th Olbiil Era Kelulau (OEK), Senator Kerai Mariur as the Vice President and Secilil Eldebechel as the Floor Leader.
The “statement of agreement” document signed by all the senators-elect also endorses the standing committees and the chairmanship for each committee. Senator-elect Jonathan “Cio” Isechal will chair the Judiciary and Governmental Affairs, and youngest and new senator-elect TJ Remengesau will chair a newly created committee, Housing, Labor and Employment.
Senator-elect Rukebai Inabo, the only woman elected to the 11th Senate, will chair the powerful Ways & Mean & Financial Matters Committee. Senator-elect Dr. Stevenson Kuartei will continue to chair Health & Social Welfare Committee, the same committee he is chairing in this 10th OEK.
Senator-elect Secilil Eldebechel, who is not new to congress, a former Delegate of Ngchesar, is a Floor Leader will also chair Banking, Insurance and Other Financial Matters Committee. Andrew Tabelual, a former educator chairs Committee on Education. Senator-elect Mason Whipps chairs Foreign Affairs and State Matters and Topps Sungino chairs Youth Affairs and Sports.
Current Senate Ways & Means chairman Senator Mark Rudimch will chair a new committee, Resources, Commerce, Trade and Development while senator-elect Regis Akitaya chairs Energy, Public Utilities, Telecommunications and Transportation.
Senator-elect Umiich Sengebau, the current Minister of MNRET will chair Tourism, Environment and Maritime.
Not to be out done, House of Delegates delegate-elects also organized themselves, even earlier than the senate.
Most of the incumbents who ran this year, got re-elected. Only 4 out of 16 delegates changed which means that majority of this year’s HOD, will continue into the next administration.
The officers for the 11th HOD remain the same with current Speaker Sabino Anastacio maintaining the speakership, as well as Vice Speaker Lucio Ngiraiwet and Floor Leader Gibson Kanai.
The House not only selected chairman for each committee but went further to fill the committees.
Heading the Banking, Insurance and Financial Matters is a new delegate-elect Frutoso “Toto” Tellei who represents Melekeok State.
Noah Kemesong, current Delegate of Kayangel State will chair Commerce & Trade Committee while Lee Otobed, also current Delegate of Ngatpang, will head Committee on Community, Planning and Development.
Delegate-elect Timothy Sinsak, who is the current post master general, will chair the Committee on Energy, Communication and Transportation. Yutaka Gibbons Jr., an incumbent Delegate will chair Education & Youth Affairs.
Delegate Mario Gulibert of Angaur will chair Foreign & Domestic Affairs while Delegate Vicky Kanai chairs the Health, Social and Cultural Affairs, a committee she is also chairing this 10th OEK.
Ways & Means Committee is going to be chaired by Koror Delegate Mengkur Rechelulk who ran unopposed and was re-elected. New delegate-elect of Aimeliik State Warren Umetaro will chair Tourism & Aviation. Umetaro is one of the newer members of the 11th OEK.
Other committees include, Judiciary, Governmental Affairs & Human Rights chaired by Delegate Swenny Ongidobel, Maritime, Climate Change & Protected Areas chaired by Delegate Sebastian Marino and Natural Resources and Environment chaired by another new delegate-elect, Nace Soalablai of Peliliu. He replaced Delegate Jonathan Isechal who won a seat in the Senate in this last election.
Last committee Public Works, Infrastructure and Capital Improvement Projects is chaired by Delegate Masasinge Arurang of Ngiwal State, who also retained his seat in this election.
The line ups are based on consensus of all members of both houses and is unofficial until the resolutions are formally adopted next year upon taking office.
Both Senate President Hokkons Baules and House Speaker Sabino Anastacio extend Thanksgiving Day wishes to all.

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