By Francis Talasasa, Reporter

The House of Delegates has commended Honorary Consul of the Republic of Palau to San Diego California, Mr. Julian Padilla during its fifteenth regular session two months ago in August 2016, for his dedication in serving the country abroad and his generous contributions to the country.


Stated in a House Resolution No. 9-24-15, Mr. Padilla was commended for spreading the word in San Diego and elsewhere about the natural beauty of Palau and its opportunities for adventure and volunteered his time for the benefit of Palau.

The OEK was pleased with his contributions through the partnership he has established abroad which he created opportunities that benefited Palau.

A few of them includes organizing the donation of medical supplies to the Republic by coordinating with the civic action Tea, NECO Plaza, the non-profit Medshare and international attorney Johana Afshani.

Honorary Consul Padilla worked with Rotary clubs in the United States and L.A Galaxy soccer team to secure donation of uniforms to the Football Association of Palau and with the help of this donations, the association was able to establish over ten soccer teams and assisting the Ministry of Education in securing book donation for the nation’s schools.

“Therefore, be it resolved that the House of Delegates of the Ninth Obiil Era Kelulau commend the  Honorary General Counsel of the Republic of Palau, Julian Padilla in San Diego for his dedication to serving the Republic of Palau abroad”, it says.

Mr. Padilla was appointed as an Honorary General Consulate by the former President Johnson Toribiong in 2012.    [/restrict]