The House of Traditional Leaders (HOTL) of Koror State has accepted 4 new chiefs, according to letters sent to Koror State Governor Eyos Rudimch yesterday.

The letters signed by Ibedul Alexander Merep said that Lebuu Littler has been approved as the titleholder of Rechucher ra Ioulidid of the Ngarameketii and Melwert Tmetuchl approved as official titleholder of Rechucher ra Techekii. Additionally, Ernest Ongidobl is now the title bearer of Kloteraol and Roman Yano is Ngircheteet, all within Ngarameketii.

The letters said that these are now members of the HOTL and that their personnel actions will be prepared for them to receive their compensations.

Lebuu Littler, Bilung Gloria Salii’s son and appointee to the title of Ibedul, had recently undergone a process said to be required of all who become Ibedul by washing his hands in turtle blood in Ngerchemai and getting his “hat” in Peleliu. 

A reliable source close to Bilung said Bilung did not appoint Littler to the title of Rechucher er Ioulidid. Lebuu Littler, Bilung’s son, is also her choice heir to the title Ibedul. “Nothing has changed. The process of Lebuu Littler becoming Ibedul is still very much ongoing.”

The source also said that Dirremengiau, the Rechucher ra Techekii’s female counterpart did not appoint Melwert Tmetuchl to the title of Rechucher ra Techekii. 

The appointments of both Lebuu Littler and Melwert Tmetuchl to the titles of Rechucher er Ioulidid and Rechucher ra Techekii are said to have been made by Ochob Katey Ngiraked, the same lady that appointed Alexander Merep to the title of Ibedul.

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