The Anti-Human Trafficking Working Group chaired by the Honorable J. Uduch Sengebau Senior is displaying high school students’ human trafficking paintings including fliers and pamphlets at the Surangel Mall in Airai.  This is part of the Working Group’s ongoing public outreach effort to reach out to the community on the issue of human trafficking.  With this new initiative, the public will get another opportunity to learn the hard truth about human trafficking through art. 

“Thanks to Surangel and Sons company’s proactive approach towards human trafficking prevention,” expressed VP Uduch Senior, they are able to display of high school students artwork on anti-human trafficking.

The art work, pamphlets, and fliers hopefully will create opportunities for dialogue that can begin a conversation about human trafficking to empower individuals and communities to be part of the solution. There are total of 9 paintings, two will be displayed each week on a rotational basis at Surangel Mall.  The Working Group is hopeful that other private business and government agencies will follow Surangel and Sons path in this initiative.

Special thanks once again to Surangel and Sons Company and to our young Artists:  Kiora Rafael, Mark Kasilag, Venise De Leon, Vince Tacder, Ukong Anastacio, Danica Gonzalez, Edward Santos, Richard Kanai, Mitzi Tmekei, Kel-Ty Henio.   

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