Incumbent Governor Mary Frances Ilolang Remengesau leads gubernatorial race in Ngeremlengui by 36 votes over former Governor Wilson Ongos after the initial tally of votes casted at the 10th Ngeremlengui General Election.

As of yesterday, 81 out of 119 absentee ballots had been received by Election Commission.

On the legislature race, unofficial results show six highest vote-getters for the At-Large seats led by Hilton Hideos with 362 votes, followed by Davis Tamtreng with 283 votes, Franz Ngiltii with 257 votes, Bitlaol Wasisang with 233 votes, Ebil Tebelak with 193 votes and Vallary Diaz in 6th place with 180 votes.  Vallary Diaz, the six highest vote-getter is ahead of the next candidate Lillian Marcil by 11 votes.  With 81 absentee ballots, there is still a chance for some of the seats to be switched.

Of the five hamlets, 4 unopposed candidates had minimal challenge from write-ins.  MesiwalMadlutk, Mason Iramk, Noel Ngiratmab and Elvira Franz won their respective hamlets.  OtangTebelak led with 67 votes over Leeboy Ngirawes 34 votes for Imeong hamlet.

Absentees will be counted on December 16 deciding the final outcome of the 10th Ngeremlengui State General Election. (L.N. Reklai)