By Francis Talasasa, Reporter

A special part of the independence celebration started with a night market at the Ernguul park compound.

Visitors, friends and locals all came out and took part in marking the calendar event.

Minister for the Ministry of Community and Cultural Affairs, Mrs. Baklai Temengil-Chilton explained the independence night market is special as all activities and entertainment is a start of the ongoing program for the week.


Since 2 years ago they have celebrated the independence night market and this is really a beginning of all the celebrations that is earmarked ahead, she said.

The national celebration is for all guests, visitors and locals in Palau to come together and share one another in sharing discussions, foods, music, and entertainment.

The market night is expected to bring a very friendly environment to the people as we all come together and mark this very important occasion.

Minister Baklai Temengil thanked Palau Visitors Authority for opening up the door for such market nights and looked forward to bring more joy and the true meaning of the market nights.

More activities will feature other visitors performing during the entertainment including boat race, fireworks, film festival and more throughout the weekend. [/restrict]