In late January 2017, PPUC started the initial stage of improving the water quality in Babeldaob.

PPUC’s work starts with repairing the water system filters for seven States in Babeldaob by replacing the existing filter media and strainers.


The type of filter media used in the Babeldaob water systems is called a sand filter is used to remove suspended solids from water. This process is applied to nearly all the Babeldaob Public Water Supply Systems. Strainers are also used to strain or filter out solid debris in the water system. The estimated total cost for repairs, new filter media and strainers including installation is nearly $500,000.

The new filter media and strainers have recently arrived and PPUC-WWO crews and contractors will start installing the new equipment as early as next week.

During the course of this project water outages and/or water rationing may be required for those States and areas being serviced by the water systems being repaired. Announcements will be made for those areas that will require water outages and/or water rationing.

For years, the water quality in Babeldaob has failed to meet the Republic’s standard of safe drinking water.  Improvements will lead to the reduction of Turbidity and bacteria such as Coliform and E. Coli.

PPUC would like to thank the public for their continued understanding and cooperation as PPUC strives to improve its services. [/restrict]