You may be only one person to the world, but you may also be the world to one person. ~ Unknown

No calculation in the world can measure the worth of a human being.

I’m convinced that one of the reasons you feel shame is deep within you, you know you are incredibly more than capable for more. In you are great ideas that long to come out and burst like a flower. Each fragrance designed specifically for each kind. Just as you are unique as your thumbprint.

I’m amazed at the wonder of flowers blooming in its time, a child taking her first step and the way he would talk in a language only he understands. And laughs out loud that I find no words to  describe that innocent sound of happy. And although I’ve heard it many times, I’m still moved each time a child laughs as if I’m hearing it for the first time.

The way my grand niece walks around with her iPad reminding her daddy on face time of this and that in the house. She’s a preschooler missing her daddy, making sure he won’t forget their house and everything in it.  Even the trees outside.  Made me cry tears of sorrow and joy. Interruptions in a child’s life is always beneficial though painful.

Interruptions are always good for us. Something happens because of interruptions we can’t forget. A woman is healed for intertupting Jesus on his way to Jairus’s house.  Mary interrupted Jesus at the wedding and the first miracle took place. Water turned into wine.  A leper interrupted Jesus and his friends and said, “If you’re willing please heal me”. He was willing. He walked away with a clean skin, smooth as the baby’s bottom. 

We interrupt and He intervenes often in our life. This is the world that is still going on. And he doesn’t walk away from the mess we have made. Now he lives almost cheerfully certainly heroically in a dynamic relationship with us and with our world. “Then the LORD intervened” is perhaps the most common phrase about Him in the Scriptures, in one form or another. Look at the story where Israelites were pinned against against the Red Sea, no way out, with Pharaoh and his army barreling down in a murderous fury. Then he shows up. He loves to come through. Yes he’s got what it takes.

It’s not the nature of God to limit his risks and covers his bases. Far from it. Most of the time  he actually lets the odds stack against him.  Against Goliath, a seasoned soldier and a trained killer, he sends a freckled face little shepherd kid with a slingshot. My grandson is in Russian border with Ukraine. I’m afraid for him but he chose to join the army    And with omicron spreading like a wildfire in Palau I’m afraid but I know I only have to look back in history and all the interruptions and God’s interventions we can rest in the LORD.

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