Koror, Palau—On July 17, PCS received a donation of $5,000 from IP&E. The check was presented by Depot Manager Mr. Efren Marquez and Commercial Account Manager Mr. Rodrigo Misajon at their office located in Malakal.


IP&E has been an active Corporate Partner for Conservation (CPC) at PCS for the past 13 years. Earlier this year IP&E also donated to support PCS Family day which took place on May 20. Mr. Marquez expressed that they fully support PCS and will continue their Corporate Partner for Conservation (CPC) membership. As an active CPC, IP&E has contributed more than $1,000 to PCS every year since they became a CPC. Contributions received from CPCs helps with the continuation of ongoing PCS community projects throughout Palau.

PCS board and staff would like to express sincere appreciation to IP&E for their continuous support. PCS is extremely grateful to IP&E and all CPCs for their support in conservation. With the challenges facing Palau’s environment it will take everyone to do their part.

For more information on how you can support PCS or how to become a CPC, call 488-3993 or email gsaiske@palauconservation.org. “Healthy Ecosystems for a Healthy Palau” [/restrict]