The Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) is grateful for the donation made by Isla Petroleum & Energy (IP&E) Palau in the amount of $15,000 towards the Center’s 15th Anniversary Fundraising Campaign and another $1,000 towards the Center’s 2017 Arts & Tides Calendar. This contribution ($16,000)  is the largest donation made by a local company to date. IP&E’s values about being environmentally and socially conscious is evidenced in their support of the Center’s Arts and Tide Calendar, which features a theme every year that reflects Palau’s current environmental marine issues.


IP&E owns and operates the retail and commercial supply and distribution of Shell Fuel and Lubricants on Guam, Saipan and in the Republic of Palau. The company is built upon a foundation of accountability and maintaining the best practice for safe and environmentally conscious operations. The petroleum company offers the regions’ highest performance fuels and quality lubricants that maintain clean engines; this is better for customers and the environment.

IP&E has expanded its global reach, providing sustainable solutions to its customers, businesses partners, employees, suppliers, and the communities in Micronesia. In their commitment to the environment, IP&E was first to market with the lowest emission diesel fuel in the industry, and remains committed to the responsible development of the fragile ecosystems of the Western Pacific. Supporting community efforts to maintain the natural beauty of the islands is a vital part of the company’s vision.

IP&E annually invests a generous portion of its revenues back to the community to support many worthy causes. “The company commends the Palau International Coral Reef Center for the work that they do and is honored to be a part of such exemplary conservation effort in the Pacific Islands”, Brian Bamba, Managing Director, IP&E. [/restrict]