By: L.N. Reklai

January 10, 2018 (Koror, Palau) Benjamin Iskawa took his Oath of Office Wednesday last week, administered by Associated Justice Kathleen Salii, witnessed by his family, Ngaraard citizens including Minister of Finance Elbuchel Sadang and President Tommy Remengesau Jr., both of which are citizens and residents of Ngaraard State.


In his remarks, Governor Benjamin Iskawa beseeched the people of Ngaraard, to respect the decision of the people, to come together and work cooperatively for the betterment of the whole of Ngaraard.

“Ngaraard is made up of five historically independent counties and sometimes bringing us together can be quite challenging but I believe Governor Iskawa can do this” stated Steven Kanai, Chairman of Transition and Inauguration Committee for Governor Iskawa.

“A ongtik el mora rechad er Ngaraard a kmo, dekelii a uldesiur a rechad ra beluu, eng mla momerek a rokui me bodedak e dekaingeseu el kutmeklii a beluad er Ngaraard,” expressed Governor Iskawa.

Governor Iskawa has been a member of Ngaraard State Assembly (Olbetibel) for 16 years. For 8 years he was unopposed delegate of Ngebuked county and the last 8 years he ran at large and won.  In his first time he served as Vice Speaker of Olbetibel and last 8 years, he served as Speaker of the Ngaraard State Assembly. [/restrict]