By: L.N. Reklai

November 16, 2017 (Koror, Palau)  Benjamin Iskawa, the current Speaker of Ngaraard State Legislature and candidate for the Office of the Governor will be the next governor of Ngaraard after the absentee and confined ballots were counted yesterday.

Iskawa received 242 votes over incumbent Governor Isaac Bai who received 192 votes.  Isaac Soaladaob received 126 and John Mengidab got 70. 


Only 634 out of 1,264 registered voters cast their votes this 10th Ngaraard State General Election. Iskawa gained most votes to win the gubernatorial seat  and the votes he received represent only  20% of the total registered voters of Ngaraard State.  Of the total vote casts, he had 38% of the votes.  Despite having less than majority of votes, Mr. Iskawa will be the next governor.  Ngaraard State does not have a law requiring that a candidate for the Office of Governor receive simple majority of votes unlike Koror State.

Leading four candidates for Ngaraard Legislature at Large remained the same after absentee ballots were counted with Keizy Shiro leading with 330 votes, Victoria Maui with 297, Dwight Alexander with 252, and Wilbert Ngirakamerang with 245.

County representatives didn’t change as well with Saburo Remoket for Choll County, Johnson Saikemal for Elab, Sharp Sakuma for Ngebuked, John Temengil for Ulimang and Lucia Umerang Franz for Ngkeklau. [/restrict]