Palau’s marine law enforcers conducted a rescue exercise with the Japan Coast Guard on August 6 in Palau. (Contributed Photo)

Japan Coast Guard’s Mobile Cooperation Team (MCT) was deployed to Palau to conduct three-day seminars and rescue training with their Palau counterpart that kicked off on August 6.

Three of the 10 members of MCT were in Palau to provide capacity building exercises to the law enforcers at the Bureau of Maritime Security and Fish and Wildlife Protection.

Japan Foreign Minister Taro Kono, during his stay in Palau on August 6, also witnessed one of the trainings conducted by the team.

Kono said that the MCT was dispatched to Palau to promote “people to people exchanges” between Japan and Palau, adding that Japanese high school students will also be sent to the nation this month.

Japan Coast Guard’s MCT was established in October 2017 to provide capacity trainings and seminars to nations at their request.

“This team is dedicated to work for international cooperation in order to respond to expanding requests for capacity building assistances,” Japanese Maritime Advisor Toshiaki Tomita told the Times. (By Rhealyn C. Pojas)