Japan Foreign MInister Taro Kono received a gift from the Palau Judo Federation.

Japan Foreign Minister Taro Kono presented the Foreign Minister’s Commendation 2019 to the Palau Judo Federation on August 6, 2019 at the Palau National Gym in recognition of their significant contribution to the promotion of mutual understanding and friendship between Japan and Palau through Judo.

Palau Judo Federation is the first recipient of the Foreign Minister’s Commendation from Palau and also the first one to be presented by Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Community and Cultural Affairs Minister Baklai Temengil-Chilton was accompanied by Palau National Olympic Committee (PNOC) President Frank Kyota and PNOC Board Members to witness the occasion.

The commendation certificate was received by Palau Judo Federation President Ismael Aquon.

After the brief ceremony, the Judokas under the direction of Sensei Jennifer Anson, had a short presentation of Judo to the Minister Kono and guests at this occasion.

“We are very pleased that Palau Judo Federation through their commitment and contribution to the sport of Judo, and promotion of mutual understanding and friendship between Japan and Palau has been recognized, and is a recipient of the Japan Foreign Minister’s Commendation 2019.  We take this opportunity to express our heartfelt appreciation to you Minister Kono and Ambassador Karasawa for bestowing this very special recognition and commendation to Palau Judo Federation,” Minister Temengil-Chilton said.

Palau Judo Federation is an NGO based in Koror that promotes Judo.

It is the only group working on spreading and improving Judo skills in the country, through various activities such as holding domestic games, providing training for Olympic athletes, holding Judo classes for elementary school students and police officers. Furthermore, Palau Judo Federation participates annually in Japan Fair, an event organized by the Embassy of Japan to introduce Japanese culture, and performs Judo techniques before the public.

A small delegation accompanied The Honorable Taro Kono, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan. (PR)

  • His Excellency Akira Karasawa – Ambassador to the Republic of Palau
  • Jun Nanazawa – Executive Assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Kohei Nakamura – Director, Oceania Division
  • NaoakiKamoshida – Assistant Press Secretary/ Director, International Press Division
  • Masaru Okada – Senior Foreign Policy Coordinator, Foreign Policy Bureau
  • NobutakaTanimoto – Senior Coordinator, International Corporation Bureau
  • RekiKataoka – Deputy Director, Oceania Division
  • Yojiro Konno – Assistant Director, Oceania Division