On January 24, 2017, Mr. Satoshi Kadota and his wife Ms. Takako Kadota, on behalf of a Japanese organization called Kinouken Group, delivered donations of five (5) brand new wheelchairs this time to OMEKESANG Association and Palau Parents Empowered (PPE) resource center.  

[restrict]  Kinouken Group since their initial visit in August of 2006 fell in love with Palau’s natural beauty, people and rich culture thus established annual visits every August with gifts and donations (Omiyage and Kifu) mostly to Palau’s senior citizens at the Old Age Center in Medalaii, Koror to further foster relationship between Japan and Palau.  Last year in
August of 2016 Kinouken group of nearly 20 members again paid visit with donations to Palau Senior Citizen Center.

OMEKESANG Association in collaboration with PPE, strong advocates for an inclusive and accessible Palau for all persons with disabilities and their families, thanks Kinouken Group thru Mr. & Mrs. Kadota for much needed and timely wheelchairs donations for the children and fellow persons with disabilities in Palau.  Both organizations also thank Mr. Demei Obakrairur and Ms. Lany Ngedebuu who facilitated the blessings of Kinouken Group. [/restrict]