A team of fisheries industry experts from Japan’s public and private sector are in Palau to assist the national government in assessing Palau’s domestic fishery network opportunities.

The team met with President Tommy E. Remengesau, Jr. on December 4 to report on their collaboration with the Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment and Tourism to assess and identify possible ways forward for the development of Palau’s domestic fishery industry, including fishery product processing and distribution.

The team consists of 14 persons classified into two groups – the public and private sector – is led by Mr. Takaaki Sakamoto, Director for Overseas Fisheries Cooperation Office in Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan.

The private sector group will study the fishery market chain as well as delivery systems of Palau’s existing fishery-related businesses and assess challenges and opportunities that would directly contribute to the development of the fishery sector of Palau.

The second group is public sector, namely officials from governmental and quasi-governmental organizations.  This group is in charge of clarifying challenges and identifying possible way forward for the development of Palau’s fishery industry, including fishery product processing and distribution.

These two groups will stay in Palau for one week for site visits and meetings. After that, they will conduct necessary analysis in Tokyo.  The results of their activities and findings will be provided as a report, to President Remengesau and Minister Sengebau by the end of March next year.

This collaboration between Japan and Palau was initiated upon Palau’s request to Japan for assistance in developing Palau’s domestic fisheries industry.

The members of the delegation from Japan are:

Private Sector:

NBK COOPORATION Director, General Manager Mr. DAZAI, Masakazu;

OAFIC Co., Ltd.  Consultant Mr. ISHITANI, Ron;

Taste co., Ltd. Project Leader Mr. MIURA, Kosuke;

T.O World Food Inc. Managing Director, Technical Support Division,   Mr. INA, Yoshihisa;

T.O World Food Inc. chief sales Mr. TANOGASHIRA, Tomoya;

YAMAHA MOTOR Co., Ltd. Manager, International Cooperation Group Mr. NAKAMURA、Akira;

Public Sector:

Fisheries Agency of Japan Director, Overseas Fisheries Cooperation Office Mr. SAKAMOTO, Takaaki;

Fisheries Agency of Japan Overseas Fisheries Cooperation Office Mr. TAKAHASHI, Masayuki;

Marino-Forum 21 President Mr. WATANABE, Hidenao;

Marino-Forum 21 General Manager Mr. SAGA, Atsusuhi;

Marino-Forum 21 Consultant Ms. AKAI, Yuka;

Overseas Fishery Cooperation Foundation of Japan Senior Vice-President Mr. ENDO, Hisashi;

Overseas Fishery Cooperation Foundation of Japan Financial Cooperation Division  Mr. TOYOOKA, Masahiro;

Pacific Islands Center  Deputy Director  Ms.   TAKAHASHI, Akiko