Palau National Communications Corporation (PNCC) is pleased to announce that a special series of Japanese TV shows subtitled in English will be aired on PNCC Digital TV Channel 25 starting February 28.  Thanks to a grant from the Japan Foundation coordinated by the Embassy of Japan in Palau, the popular TV programming is available for free to all DTV Basic viewers.  The Japan Foundation is an institution dedicated to carrying out comprehensive international cultural exchange programs throughout the world.


“Mother-in-Law vs. Daughter-in-Law” (42 episodes, ©Tokai Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.) is a home drama about the clash between a former career woman and her mother-in-law, who runs a distinguished Japanese inn.  Program schedule days will be Tuesday to Friday, two episodes at 5:00 – 5:50pm, with a weekly “marathon” replay each Sunday from 6:00pm-9:10pm.

“Love Stories from Fukuoka” (7 episodes, ©Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting Co., Ltd.) is a series of real-life stories submitted by viewers in Fukuoka about their personal experiences with love, loss and longing. Program schedule days will be twice a week every Tuesday and Saturday, with the first show starting at 3:55pm on February 28.  The replay schedule will be April 10-14, after Mother-in-Law vs. Daughter-in-Law ends.

Schedules for the Japan Foundation TV Series are posted on PNCC Digital TV Channel 1.  For more information please call 587-9000. [/restrict]