Japanese Enka Singer Oka Midori sang in front of a packed Ngarachamayong on Sunday November 23rd. Possessing a voice that filled the room and a star quality that glued the audience’s eyes to her, she was able to put on a memorable show.

Midori not only sang from her own musical catalogue, but she also sang other Japanese Enka songs including the song Michizure ni which garnered a favorable response from the audience because it is well-known amongst the Palauan people. Aside from singing, she also engaged with the crowd by talking to them about her life and at one point getting down from the stage to sing to the audience up close. She was beaming with happiness all through out her performance.

Before finishing her performance, she made sure to thank all the people that came and that she hopes to come back next year to perform again. On behalf of Palau, Minister Marugg and President Remengesau thanked Midori for her performance.

It was also during Midori’s concert that she was officially appointed to be the goodwill ambassador of culture and music by President Remengesau to further strengthen the bond of friendship shared by Palau and Japan. This event was also to celebrate both countries diplomatic ties and it was made possible through the efforts of Embassy of Japan, Palau Visitor’s Authority, and Bilung Gloria Salii for providing the venue for the event. (Telbakes Yano)