By Francis Talasasa,  Reporter

A special Independence cocktail party night at the Belau National Museum during the weekend has been remarkable as a representation of the President and Minister of State Billy Kuartei awarded a special recognition to a Japanese female movie star, Miss Tanaka for her contribution toward Tourism in Palau.


Minister Kuartei when delivered his words introduced the award and explained on behalf of the President’s appreciation, “Miss Tanaka is given a special recognition tonight of her contribution to the Tourism in Palau through many visits she has made over the past years and she have come to love Palau”, he said.

Tourism known as a bread and butter of Palau.

Palau is a very small country but we believe it is pristine paradise. The appointment of Japanese movie actress is for a ‘Special Goodwill Ambassador for Tourism’ .

Chief of Staff Secilil Eldebechel conducted the handing over as guests, diplomatic officials and other government officials witnessed the special moment. [/restrict]