Students from Takatsuki High School were taken on a tour around Palau on Thursday with the purpose of learning about Palau’s history, landmarks, and cultural practices. The all day trip started off with a bus ride going through the different states in Babeldaob. Along the way, Bernie Ngiralmau, who was the tour guide of the trip informed the students about the different facts of each state starting from Airai all the way to Ngardmau.

When they reached Choll, they stopped by a house that belongs to one of Bernie’s aunties. From there, the students got a chance to try ukaeb (stuffed crab) and demok (taro leave soup). After that, Bernie toured them around her aunties house and discussed the different types of plants ranging from mangos, breadfruit, tumeric ginger along with its uses.

Next, they were taken to one of the beaches at Choll, where they all explored around and enjoyed what the beaches had to offer. Then they were taken to one of Bernie’s favorite sites which is Osebokl Kedam (Hill of the Flying Kite). While there, they got the opportunity to look at the beautiful scenery and take pictures.

Then they stopped by Ngerlmud Capitol, where Bernie explained to them different functions of the government branches. Finally the last stop of the trip was to one of the traditional bai’s. The particular bai that they got to see was Bai ra Rubak at Airai. Bernie talked about the history of the bai along with the roles of chief and women in Palauan society.

After the trip concluded, the students expressed their gratitude towards Bernie for taking the time to show them around Palau. When asked about their experience, they said that it was very fun. They thought that history behind the relationship between Japan and Palau was interesting. Additionally, they loved eating the traditional Palau food and visiting the sites.

These trips are conducted annually ever since 2014 and Bernie believes that by continuing with these trips then it could be good for Palau’s tourism industry.