Wayland K. Skilang, Electrical Lineworker at the PPUC Power Distribution Division, has been accepted to attend the Power Distribution Grid training while Bruce Melairei, Palau High School Mathematics Instructor, will be attending the Leadership Training on Mathematics Education in Primary and Secondary School in Pacific Island States.  Both trainings are JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program.


Skilang will be joined with other participants from the Philippines, Tonga, Jamaica, Afghanistan, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Cape Verde, Marshall Islands, Nauru, and Seychelles.  The course objective is to have the participants be able to create an action plan for efficient and stable electric power distribution with knowledge and skill acquired by the training with the overall goal that the distribution losses will be reduced and electricity will be supplied more efficiently and stably.  The training will be from May 10 and June 16, 2017.

Melairei will be in Japan from May 17 to July 1, 2017 will be learning about how to support Palau High School and the Ministry of Education in conducting practical teachers’ training to improve mathematics education based on the action plans formulated by the participants trained in Japan. The other participants are from Fiji, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, and Papua New Guinea.

For more information regarding this and other JICA Programs, you may contact the Ministry of State or call JICA Palau Office. [/restrict]