November 21, 2017, at Tommy Remengesau Jr. wing of PICRC, JICA Palau held a special Volunteer Activity Presentation, celebrating its JOCV program and office inauguration in Palau in 2017. In attendance were of His Excellency Japanese Ambassador Toshiyuki Yamada, Palau Community College President, Dr. Patrick Tellei, Delegate Gibson Kanai, and other VIPs, Volunteers’ host family members, counterpart etc.


Resident Representative, Nobuaki Miyata, held special sessions for the 20th anniversary. He gave a brief history of JICA in Palau and presented a special award, the JICA President Award, to Honorable Billy G. Kuratei, former Minister of State. The JICA President Award is to honor projects, experts, consultants or volunteers for their outstanding achievements in various areas including human resource development, livelihood improvement, poverty reduction and infrastructure development in developing countries.

Three younger volunteers presented their Volunteer Activity and one Knowledge Co-Creation Program ex-trainee, a member of JICA Alumni Association, presented on his training in Japan.

The meeting concluded with an attraction by volunteers.

For more information regarding this and other JICA Programs, you may contact the Ministry of State or call JICA Palau Office. [/restrict]