Koror, Palau — On Friday April 13, 2018, JICA presented its second Progress Report on the Project for Study and Maintenance Improvement of National Power Grid in the presence of many stakeholders that make up the Joint Coordination Committee including the Palau Energy Administration (PEA), Palau National Energy Committee(PNEC), Environmental Quality Protection Board (EQPB), National Development Bank of Palau (NDBP), Foreign Investment Board (FIB), Office of the President and the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

An Inception Report was provided in July 2017 where both parties (Japan and Palau) agreed on the Project’s plan of action and timeline. Additionally, a JICA Team began their research consisting of field surveys and data collection from relevant agencies. With adequate information, JICA was able to formulate its first Progress Report in November 2017 and presented it to PPUC and stakeholders. While presenting this Report, PPUC CEO Kione J. Isechal emphasized the significance of integrating Renewable Energy (RE) to the grid and further explained the Republic’s goal of 45% generation through RE by 2025.

The recent Progress Report #2 incorporates the Republic’s RE goal and lists priority projects including improvement of 34.5kV Nekken feeder, relocation and replacement of existing substations, construction of Koror substation and expansion of 34.5kV transmission line.

The overall purpose of this Project is to formulate a Master Plan on upgrading transmission and distribution lines in Koror and Babeldaob including utilization of RE and technology transfer of operations and maintenance on transmission and distribution networks.

An official Minutes of Discussion was signed the same day by JICA, PPUC, and the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Industries, and Commerce (MPIIC).