JICA Volunteer, Mayumi Sone, is the newest trainer at the Koror State Suroer Gym in Meyuns.  Sone was dispatched to Sureor Gym to boost the benefits of the gym use. The Sureor Gym has other trainers and a number of equipment from beginner to advanced levels of users.  

[restrict]  Sone hopes that more will join the gym, especially women who are shy or otherwise believe the gym is for men.  She invites everyone to join the gym.  She’ll work to help anyone get back on track with tips for a safe training or fitness routine.

With a variety of fitness equipment at the gym, Sone can show how to use them and get the most out of your workout.  Visit the gym and see Sone to begin a healthier fitness routine.

For more information, call Koror State Suroer Gym at 4884398. [/restrict]