JOCV Volunteers Saki Tanaka and Haruko Obara will be ending their terms as JOCV here in Palau.

Tanaka was dispatched to the Bureau of Public Works’ Solid Waste Management Office.  She will complete her two-year term working in Environmental Education.  Some of her works include school visits, promoting 3R Awareness, 3R Character Partner Contest, and Mural Art at National Landfill.


Meanwhile, Obara is a dental hygienist at the Division of Oral Health.  Her work includes educating and enhancing patient knowledge of oral care.  In doing so, through the JOCV Program, Obara acquired a TV monitor and installed it in the dental office waiting room to provide patients with the dental information showing slides of oral health tips.  She produced the slides and videos along with the Palauan Dental Hygienists.

At JICA Palau Office, Volunteer Coordinator, Shigehiro Mizuno has also completed his term and his successor is Yumi Egawa. [/restrict]